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You can now install almost any type of website CMS Application via your control panel section. Try it NOW!!!Login to your Controlpanel E.g:  Enter the First Eight letters of your domain as the username, Enter your Password and once you are login, Please scroll down to "Digital Media Communications website ... Read More »

6th Feb 2019
KE Domain renewal price adjustment

The KE registry Kenic has reviewed Ke domain renewal prices upward.
This increase will be reflected in your KE domain renewal invoices from this date. 

8th Oct 2018
Your has arrived

KE TLD/SLD Rollout begins.   The .KE TLD/SLD Extension will be open for registrations as of 23rd July 2017.   The registration process for Second Level Domain will be rolled out in the following phases:    Phase One: 23rd July 2017 – 22nd October 2017 There will be an approximately ninety (90) day Phase one period for Trademark ... Read More »

6th Oct 2017